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The objective of the Performance Awards Scheme is to encourage and reward the performance capabilities of Welsh Ponies, Cobs and Part-Breds.

The importance of versatility is recognised and it is hoped that the wide range of events/classes included will encourage Pony/Cob owners to take part.

  1.  The competition is open to Stallions, Mares and Geldings of four years and over. Reduced entry fee for WPCS members.  Membership, entry forms & results cards can be downloaded from or

  2. All Ponies/Cobs must be registered in the Welsh Stud Book or the Part-Bred Register. Registration Numbers and breeding must be given on each entry form.

  3. The Competition will run from Saturday 12th March 2022 to Tuesday 20th December 2022 inclusive.

  4. Please find the following link for individual entry. For team entries please click HERE. In exceptional circumstances hard copies of the entry form and points card can be requested from

  5. Individual entry fee – PAID UP MEMBERS OF WPCS: £20.00 / NON WPCS MEMBERS:  £25.00

  6. Team entry fee - £25.00

  7. Payment must have been received in full prior to entry being accepted. Acknowledgement must be received from Jo Filmer by email to verify entry.

  8. ON WRITTEN CARDS - ALL DETAILS MUST BE LEGIBLE if not entries will be rejected.

  9. No late entries will be accepted, final date for entry - 31st October 2022

  10. Results received with later postmark/email than this date will not be accepted. 

  11. Points submitted after Wednesday 21st December will not be accepted.

  12. Points that cannot be verified with proof will be disallowed. 

  13. A competitor will be disqualified if rules are not adhered to. 

  14. Appeals will not be allowed.

  15. Competitors will be informed of the points awarded by Saturday 14th January 2023.  Any queries must be submitted in writing to Jo Filmer by Saturday 14th January 2023.  These queries will be investigated and corrected if this is deemed necessary. 

  16. The Organisers decision is final and the results will be posted on this website and via email on Monday 16th January 2023.  If on receipt of the full list of results competitors have any queries they must contact Jo Filmer immediately, as these full results are published in the WPCS Journal. 

  17. All competitors will receive a rosette.

  18. Any Pony/Cob sold during the Competition Year may have points gained before sale transferred to the new owner on application to Jo Filmer.

  19. Please keep copies of your email receipt once you have submitted your points card.

  20. Only 50 shows are allowed in the competition period and a maximum of 3 classes per day. Disciplinary action may be taken by the Society/Organisers against entrants for non compliance with the spirit of the Competition or adherence of the rules.

  21. Proof of place must be uploaded. This can either be a website address of the results page or a photographs of the pony with placed rosette including a close up of rosette.

  22. In Horse Driving Trials, affiliated points may only be claimed at National Events or National Novice Qualifying classes.

  23. All Trophy queries send to:  Mrs J Weller, Canada Farm, Shillinglee, Chiddingfold, Godalming, Surrey.  GU8 4SZ – 01428 707615

  24. For all Junior Classes the age of the child is as of the 1st of January 2022.

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